“I get PTSD; she gets a per diem in US dollars”: A Review of Red Birds by Mohammed Hanif

A man tumbles from the sky, slowly as a petal falling into a pond. He lands on the blazing hot sands of an unknown desert in the middle of nowhere, his parachute is torn and he is more dead than alive. There is no sign of his fighter plane and its bombs that he was supposed to drop on a nearby refugee camp. Not one human being living or dead is anywhere in his sight. He is chillingly calm and introduces himself to his readers with a deadpan, “Say Hi to Major Ellie”. If Red Birds was a Netflix sh

A Global Edtech Giant, My Tutor Source (MTS) opens new doors for Pakistani Professionals

It is the first week of March 2020, Islamabad is enjoying the first blooms of spring. Lahore, with its ever going literature festivals, is brimming with students, teachers and literary circles. Karachi is enjoying the first course of sea breezes from the south. The mornings are fine and the evenings are filled with excitement, laughter and joy. Suddenly, all of it was put at a halt. “Coronavirus has made its way to Pakistan”, the headlines screamed. The entire country was engulfed in a state of

The Question of Gender in Mainstream Pakistani Drama

Pakistani Drama Industry has gone deep and beyond in search of themes and subjects for serials that not only mirrors life but also explore the meaning behind it. It has produced serials depicting life in its every form and the pros and cons that come with it. But, one thing the industry is still struggling with is the question of gender in Drama Serials. Past some decades it has been following the same pattern of the deeply defined and rigid gender roles where the actions and everyday roles are specific to genders and no one dares to break it.


Based in Lahore, Ali Khan is one of the most promising bright students GC has ever produced. He’s an aspiring Photographer and Filmmaker. Reflecting his vision through his lens, he successfully reflects his artistic self through his shots and frames. Being a student of literature, he mixes his love for writing and passion for film making in the most unique ways possible. “The Dead Bird” and “The Dead-Tossed Waves” are the most remarkable short films by Ali’s Seizure.

Here Are 11 Books You MUST Read Before You Hit Your 20's

Growing old is not a cake walk and especially before the 20s when your teenage is ending and you’re filled with a passionate intensity and nowhere seems accurate to put your energies in and lack of resources holds you back in certain ways. You’re stuck between your career choices and all the decisions seem wrong to adhere to and at that point in time, all you need is your best friend i.e., books to cope up with everything going on around you.

Why shouldn’t we commit suicide?

Everything we know and understand about the universe tells us that life is it. It’s all we get. In case there was something better or worse before this life or is going to be after this life we are unaware of that which minimizes our idea of life to the series of events that take place in our day. And even if there is something after, we’ve nothing to tell us whether it’s better or worse. So days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and we call it life. What is the meaning of life?